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We invite companies interested in promoting their goods and services at the tournament and who want to provide prizes for the winners ! We are open to various forms of cooperation!

Dear Sports Fishermen!
Date for the VIII Trout Spinning Tournament - May 17th, 2014.

Regstration from February 1st, 2014.

Submit a request.

The application must be issued by form. After submitting, applicants must wait for an email message with confirmation of entry into the list of participants. Applicants must pay a fee of 10,000 rubles accompanied by a printout of the email BEFORE April 8, 2014 to the team at St. Petersburg , Krestovskiy Island , South Road , 11 , restaurant "Russian fishing" (contact the administrator, tel. +7 (812) 323-98-13). In the case of card payment please send a scan of card payments to the above email address BEFORE April 8, 2014.

Details for cashless payment:
JSC "Mariner "
Legal address : 190031, SPb , ul.Kaznacheyskaya , 5, Lit , of.7 -H
INN 7838440845 KPP 783801001 BIN 1107847087325
OKPO 64315445 , NACE 55.3 , OKATO 40262562000
p / s 40702810000000019924 in OJSC "PSCB"
St. Petersburg , a / c 30101810000000000852
BIC 044030852
CEO Feigel'man AF

The list of teams that, due to the results of Russian Fishing Trout Trouphy- 2013, participate for free in 2014 and have passed automatic registration: MAGIC, GOD HANDS TEAM, Beehive, Gromozeka , LOOiR , Aviators , Onninen Bros , FISHERBOOK.RU, SPB NORTH , ZaMKADyshi . Please, if your team is listed then confirm participation by phone:  8 ( 905) 222-36-03.

Registration Deadline : as teams. The site will publish the entire list of participants, and new applications will be accepted in the case that a team withdraws its application or does not pay on time.
Paid participants, come May 17th before 10:00 with full gear to the shore of the South pond Krestovskiy Island at South Road, 11. During the registration process on May 17th, each participant will receive their uniform and rules of the tournament.
Information for foreign participants: at the event you will be given a tent, where you can leave personal belongings.

Регистрация закончена, но есть и хорошие новости! Заявки на участие в Russian Fishing Trout Trouphy-2014 были приняты за 18 минут, в связи с тем, что не все смогут принять участие, организаторы решили провести серию отборочных туров в сентябре 2014 года на Турнир-2015 года
Турнир вошел в официальный Календарный План Комитета СПб С 2014 года Турнир будет проводиться в рамках Открытого Кубка СПБ с присвоением разрядов и отбором кандидатов в сборную для выступления на Чемпионате России