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We invite companies interested in promoting their goods and services at the tournament and who want to provide prizes for the winners ! We are open to various forms of cooperation!

The trout sport fishing tournament Russian Fishing Trout Trophy in the Open Cup for shore spinning of St. Petersburg.
1. Goals and objectives
The competition is held in order to:
- Promote shore spinning (Sports code 0920051411l )
- Development of sport fishing ;
- Improve the skills of the participants;
- Promotion of the principles of modern sport fishing ;
- Identify the strongest participants and teams in sport spinning for trout for subsequent participation at national and world championships.

The competition is a qualifier according to EVSK Cup SPB.

2. Organizers of the competition.
General guidance provided by the organizing committee of Russian Fishing Trout Trophy composed of: the company “Russian Fishing ", Federation of Sport Fisheries and St. Petersburg Travel firm World Fishing (Geo Fish) .
Chairman of the Organizing Committee - Feigel'man Mikhail Yusupov.
Ensuring refereeing and objective assessment of performance of participants assigned to the Panel of Judges. Chairman of the Bench - Bugryakov VI (Russian national category judge)
Formation of the Ground Jury and Credentials committee rests with the Federation of Sport Fisheries SPB . Responsibility falls to BB.Golubev.

3. Competition venue.
The competition takes place at the South Park Pond on Krestovskiy Island, St. Petersburg. The South Pond is located between buildings number 7 and 11 on South Road.
South Pond - artificial pond with a depth of 3 - 4 meters, current weak or absent.
Travel of participants and fans provided independently. Public transport - metro station " Krestovsky Island " to South Road , 11 minute walk along the main avenue of the park (past " Miracle - island" ) 20 minutes towards the stadium "Peter", then left along the path from the central fountain ; if coming by car please use parking for the restaurant " Russian Fishing ."

4. Requirements for participants and conditions of their admission.
Only teams that apply in the prescribed order below and pay a fee may participate. Competitors are required to have an identity document (Russian passport or driving license). Maximum number of participants - 26 teams of 3 people. Incomplete teams are not allowed.

5. Rules of competition
Competitions are held on the same day in three periods of 90 minutes each .
10.00 - 11.30 - Registration of participants and toss ;
11.30 - 12.00 - Arrangement and start of the competition ;
12.00 - 13.30 - First period ;
13.30 - 14.00 - Break ;
14.00 - 15.30 - Second period ;
15.30 - 16.30 - big break ;
16.30 - 18.00 - Third Period ;
18.00 - 19.00 - Summary of the competition;
19.00 - 20.00 – Award giving for winners and participants, competition close.

6. Terms of fishing:

6.1. Trout fishing is conducted by spinning from the shore; entry into the water is prohibited.
6.2. Training in the waters of the competition (the entire South Pond) is prohibited.
6.3. The water area of the competition is divided into three zones (red, yellow and green), and each zone into 60 sectors: 1, 1 ', 2 , 2' , etc. Each participant catches in one sector. Areas and sectors are distributed between participants and teams using by draw. Participants may move within zones after the start (first cast). First cast is performed in the sector number which is obtained in the draw. All sectors with index "encore" are free after first cast.
6.4. The draw is done once after the registration of the competitors before the start of the first period. There must be one participant from each team in each of the areas during the competition. Captains make the draw. For missing captains the Chief Judge of the competition makes the draw. Draw results are final and cannot be challenged. In the first
stage of the draw participants shall be allocated by zone, in the second - by sector. During the competition, each participant must move through all three zones, while the starting sector number is kept for him in each of the periods.

According to regulations at the RUSSIAN FISHING TROUT TROPHY the following zone order is to be followed: red → yellow → green → red.
6.5. Only trout will be counted. Other fish species will not be accepted. All fish caught is reserved for the competitors.
6.6. Only spinning is allowed, rod length and reel are not regulated. Participants are allowed to have an unlimited number of spare rods and gear that can be kept with the participant, or at his request, in a designated storage area.
6.7. Participants are permitted to use any artificial lures equipped with either a single hook firmly fixed or one or two hanging hooks. Hanging hooks can be single, double or triple.
6.8. Use of any plant and animal baits, attractants any extra weights and extra baits (including without hook) are forbidden.
6.9. In each period, there will be three signals: the first - "enter the sector", the second - "start", the third - “Finish". On the first signal, 5 minutes before the start, participants are allowed to enter their sector in accordance with the draw and select a place to start fishing. After that, the participant can temporarily leave zone as a last resort and only with the permission of the judge. On the second signal ("start") participants are allowed to start casting, after which they can continue fishing in a busy sector or go into any other sector within their zone. When changing sector the free sector goes to the participant who entered it first. If two participants enter at the same time then the advantage goes to the one who entered on the left. Whilst fishing the participants are allowed to move and occupy free sectors within zones an unlimited number of times. When changing sector the participants must take with them all their belongings and equipment. When moving within the zone to free sectors, participants are prohibited from entering occupied sectors. To the rear of each sector is a boundary ribbon. On the third signal (" Finish") participants stop fishing and verify with the judge and inspector the amount of fish caught. Fish brought ashore after the "finish" do not count.
6.10. On catching participants must immediately notify the judge - and the controller registers the fish. During the competition participants carry the entire catch with them. Weighing in occurs after the third period. At the weigh in participants must produce as many fish as they recorded during the first, second and third periods, otherwise the result will be canceled.
7. Determination of Results
7.1. Participants receive 1 point for each fish.
7.2. The winner in each period in each zone is the participant with the highest total score. In the case of equal points among athletes fishing in the same zone they receive points (places) equal to the average of the amount of places that they would have toshare.7.3. Athletes remaining without a catch, receive the number of points (places) equal to the average amount of seats, which are in the range of anglers without a catch in his zone. If one competitor in a zone is without a catch, he gets the number of points corresponding to the last place.7.4. When removing a participant from the competition or if he fails to appear at the start or finish he receives points equal to the number of participants in the zone plus 1.
7.5. The individual winner of the competition is the participant who receives the lowest amount of seats for three periods. In the case of equal amounts of seats for two
or more participants the winner is the participant whose catch for three rounds has the highest weight. In the case of a draw on this indicator then they take a joint place (two firsts and one third or one first and two seconds).
7.6. The team winner is the team with the least amount of seats for three rounds. In the case of equal amount of seats for two or more teams the winner is the team whose catch for three rounds has the highest weight. In the case of a draw on this indicator then they take a joint place (two firsts and one third or one first and two seconds).

8. Awards
8.1. The winner of the individual standings gets the cup, a medal and a certificate. Winners of 2nd and 3rd places receive medals and certificates.
8.2. Winners of the team standings are awarded medals and certificates. Team winners of 2nd and 3rd places receive medals and certificates.
8.3. The winners will receive additional prizes from partners of the event.
9. Financing conditions.
The registration fee is 10 000 rubles per team.
Teams that entered the top ten in the previous tournament automatically enter free of charge into the list of participants for the subsequent competition.

10. Ensuring the safety of participants and spectators.
Participants are personally responsible for compliance with safety during competitions.

11. Submission of applications for participation in the competition.
11.1 Applications will be accepted:
- By e-mail including contact number , name of all participants , name of the captain, the team's name and region of residence.
On reaching team limit (maximum 30) registration will be stopped.
11.2. Organizing fee must be paid no later than April 8, 2013 in cash at St. Petersburg, South Road, Building 11, Restaurant “Russian fishing " or non-cash payment with the note "Team called ... , payment for tournament fishing for trout in 2014."

11.3. If paying participation fee by bank transfer, then teams should send a scan of the payment order to the email address
11.4. Teams which do not pay a fee as set forth above; will not be allowed to take part.

Регистрация закончена, но есть и хорошие новости! Заявки на участие в Russian Fishing Trout Trouphy-2014 были приняты за 18 минут, в связи с тем, что не все смогут принять участие, организаторы решили провести серию отборочных туров в сентябре 2014 года на Турнир-2015 года
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