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We invite companies interested in promoting their goods and services at the tournament and who want to provide prizes for the winners ! We are open to various forms of cooperation!

Since 2006, every spring on the shores of the South Pond spectacular competition for trout fishing with spinning - Russian Fishing Trout Trophy Cup Russian fishing is conducted . The history of the idea of the Tournament is intertwined with the history of the restaurant "Russian fishing” when in 1999, two avid anglers organized sport fishing entertainment.
Today the Tournament attracts thousands of spectators and dozens of anglers from different countries - mainly from Russia but also from Finland , Great Britain, Latvia and Germany - and is covered every year in leading media.
Prior to the competition more than a thousand rainbow trout are released into the South Pond with an area of 900 sq. meters and 30 teams (3 people in each) show their skills throughout the day, competing in accordance with international rules. Refereeing the Tournament are judges of national and international standard. The shore of the pond is divided into sectors through which participants actively move during the competition. All fish caught belongs to the participants. The winners will receive trophies, medals and prizes – trips on foreign fishing tours, boats with motors, etc.
Russian Fishing Trout Trophy takes place again on May 17, 2014. (regulations)
 We invite all sports fishermen to participate and look forward to seeing the fans and amateur fishermen, who are permitted free from 20:00 to catch any fish left over!

Регистрация закончена, но есть и хорошие новости! Заявки на участие в Russian Fishing Trout Trouphy-2014 были приняты за 18 минут, в связи с тем, что не все смогут принять участие, организаторы решили провести серию отборочных туров в сентябре 2014 года на Турнир-2015 года
Турнир вошел в официальный Календарный План Комитета СПб С 2014 года Турнир будет проводиться в рамках Открытого Кубка СПБ с присвоением разрядов и отбором кандидатов в сборную для выступления на Чемпионате России